Qualifying Party


Application for Replacing the Qualifying Individual

The application for replacing the qualifying individual is to be used only for replacing the qualifying person on a license. You can replace qualifying individuals on a sole proprietorship with the owner or another qualified responsible managing employee; on a partnership with another qualified responsible managing employee; and on a corporation with another qualified responsible managing employee or another qualified responsible managing officer. In each case the new Qualifying Individual must meet all testing or reciprocal requirements of the MSBOC.

Replacement of the qualifier must be made within 90 days of disassociation to avoid a suspension or revocation of the license. Notification can be made by the owner, partner or officer, or the qualifier who is leaving. Notification may be by letter or by fax. Replacement of the qualifier may be made by submitting the Application for Replacing the Qualifying Individual.

Qualifiers are limited in the number of additional licenses which they may qualify. Factors such as common ownership between or among the entities being qualified are considered.

A Qualifier must be an owner, officer or managing employee of the company or corporation. Failure to replace the disassociated Qualifier within 180 days from the date of his or her disassociation will result in a hearing notice requesting the contractor appear before the Board at its next scheduled meeting to show cause on why their Certificate of Responsibility should not be suspended or revoked. If the license has more than one classification, and the qualifier for the other class or classes remains on the license, the licensee may continue to operate in the remaining class or classes. The class qualified by the person who disassociated will be removed the day of the hearing unless replacement is made within that time. Download qualifying form here.