Frequently Asked Questions



How do I obtain a commercial state license or Certificate of Responsibility?

The first thing you will need to do is complete the commercial application. We can mail you one or you can get it on our website- – just go under general forms and print the commercial application. All the requirements are on the instruction page. Once you complete and turn in the application we will forward the testing information to you. The tests are open book. We will give you a bulletin that tells you how to schedule the exam, which books are allowed in the exam, and where to get the books. Once everything is completed, your application and exam scores must go before the board. The board meets four times a year, on the second Wednesday of January, April, July and October. You must have your application in 30 days prior to the Board meeting and then pass your exam before the board meets.

Is a Certificate of Responsibility number the same as your State License number?

Yes a Certificate of Responsibility is the title of the commercial state license.

How do I add a classification to my license?

You have to fill out an additional class form. You have to pay $50.00 for each additional class you add to your license. Submit your form and we will send you the information telling you about testing.

How do I know if I need a commercial license?

If you are doing a privately funded job over $100,000.00 per job or a publicly funded jobs over $50,000.00 per job you will have to have a state contractors license. For anything that falls below that amount you will have to contact the city or county wherever you will be doing the job and meet their requirements.

Do I have to have a Mississippi Sales Tax #?

Yes, you will have to have a Mississippi Sales Tax #or Use Tax # in order to get a commercial license or Certificate of Responsibility.

How do I change the name of my company?

If the entity is not changing ( ex. Johnson Inc. changes to JMR Inc.)you can get an amended certificate of authority from the Secretary of State's office. Attach proof of this amendment to our name change form and send it all in with the $50 name change fee. If the entity is changing (ex. From a corporation to an LLC or Individual to a corporation.) a new application is required. If the qualifier (person who took the exam) is still with the company no new test is required. You simply complete the new application with everything in the new entity name (insurance, financial, tax numbers, etc.) and attach a letter explaining the change, listing your old license number and state that the qualifier is the same. We will pull your test scores from your old file. 

Are there any prep courses offered?

American Contractors offers a prep course and can be reached at 1-800-992-1910.Also Mississippi Contractor Licensing Service offers some prep courses and can be reached at 866-991-9720.

If I have a Residential Builders license can I do commercial work?

With a Residential Builders license you can build commercial properties up to 7500 sq. ft.

Who can take the exam for the company?Can there be more than one qualifier?

Any officer or managing employee can take the exam. You can have as many qualifiers as you like and different ones can take different exams.

What state do you reciprocate with and what exams will it waive?

You must have held a license for 3 consecutive years and it has to been an unlimited license in one of our reciprocating states we will waive TRADE exams only.

Alabama General Board- waive everything but Mechanical & Plumbing (CAN GIVE HVAC)

Alabama Electrical Board

Alabama Heating and Air (MUST HAVE TAKEN THE AL EXAM)

Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board-waive all but any type of Mechanical (i.e. Plumbing, Boilers, Process Piping, HVAC) and Electrical Work

Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors- waive all but Mechanical or Electrical (CAN WAIVE HVAC BUT NOT MECH. OR PLUMBING)

Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors- waive all trades if there is no monetary limit on the license (only board that waives Mechanical or plumbing)

South Carolina Contractors Licensing Board- waive Building and Electrical only and they must have passed an exam given by either PSI, Experior, Block or NAI