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Complaints against contractors may be filed with the Board of Contractors by homeowners, other contractors, subcontractors and employees. Other public agencies may also file complaints. Complaints within the Board's jurisdiction involve failure of a licensed contractor to fulfill the terms of an agreement. Failures include poor workmanship, abandonment of a project, failure to pay subcontractors, material suppliers or employees, or building code violations. Other failures are lack of reasonable diligence in executing a construction project; use of false, misleading or deceptive advertising; view a list of Violators here.

Complaints must be filed in writing either by downloading the online form below or by requesting a copy of the Board's standard complaint form by calling the Board's toll-free automated information phone line 1-800-880-6161; writing P.O. Box 320279, Jackson, MS 39232. When you have completed the complaint form, you can print it and attach copies of contracts, canceled checks or other information pertinent to your complaint and mail it to  the board at the above address.

Complaints are processed according to their degree of severity and their date of receipt. A MSBOC Field Agent  will contact both the complainant and the contractor to investigate the complaint.  

Please understand that the Board of Contractor's disciplinary authority is administrative in nature. This means that the primary objective of any discipline against a professional licensee is the imposition of fines, and/or suspension or revocation of licensure. It is recommended that you consult an attorney regarding any civil remedies that may be available to you, and to address any matters regarding financial damages.

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Complaint Form: Commercial and Residential

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