License Problems


Duplicate or Delinquent Renewal

The application to renew a contractor's license is sent to current licensees by the Board about 60 days before expiration date. However, if by 4 weeks before the expiration date you have not received your renewal, request a duplicate renewal. This often happens if you move without providing the Board with a current mailing address for the license or if the Post Office is not forwarding your mail. If you order another renewal, please be sure you indicate a current address to where it should be sent.

A Commercial license can be renewed as a delinquent renewal for up to 3 years after it expires
, as long as there is no change of ownership of the license — that is, the same owner, or same partners, or same corporation as was previously licensed will be renewing. When ordering a renewal; a Residential license can be renewed up to 120 days after expiration.

In both the Commercial and Residential renewal process you will be asked for the business name of the license, the license number and license expiration date, so please have this information ready.

If the license you wish to renew expires in a couple of months the renewal will be mailed to the address of record. Please do not order a duplicate renewal unless you have not received the renewal by 3 to 4 weeks before your license expiration date.

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